Tikhon Nikolaevich Khrennikov

The UNESCO Mozart Medal was awarded to Tikhon Khrennikov in the year 2003.

Tikhon Khrennikov has enriched music with his individual artistic intonation, his melodic idioms, though sometimes unexpected but very fresh and natural.
(Evgeny Svetlanov, 1973)

What a pity that Tikhon Khrennikov can not live and work in the West. Hollywood would make him a millionaire.
(Nino Rota, 1977)

The chamber music and the Nekrasov Songs are sure to impress and win Khrennikov new friends. Time for the West’s choral directors to look in Khrennikov’s direction.
(Rob Barnett, MusicWeb, 2006)

I can not forget the impression from the first performance of the First Piano Concerto by Khrennikov. His music won hearts by ardent energy, determined force, melodic and rhythmic freshness.
(Aram Khachaturyan, 1973)

When I notice that audience is sleepy I play Khrennikov's "Three pieces for violin" knowing in advance how great this music will be met.
(Vadim Repin, 1999)

If Khrennikov had composed only one melody - "Lullaby to Svetlana" - it would have been enough to add his name to the history of music.
(George Auric, 1969)



A Book Published on the Occasion of Tikhon Khrennikov's Centenary Birthday
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The Festival on the Occasion of T.N.Khrennikov's Centenary Birthday
"The Festival on the occasion of T.N. Khrennikov's centenary birthday" at the "Orphey" radio station 7 June - Evening with Lyubov' Kazarnovskaya. Khrennikov's compositions for music theater will be aired. Excerpts from operas "Into the Storm...
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